We are one of the few AV rental companies that list our pricing online. When it comes to pricing, we not only strive to be as competitive as possible, but we also strive to be as transparent and upfront as possible. If you have any questions about any of our pricing or if you notice any discrepancies in a price you were quoted and a price you see on our website, please contact us right away.

Rental Pricing

  • If rental equipment is picked up at our warehouse by the customer during normal business hours, there are no delivery or labor charges.
  • All pricing listed on our website is for AV equipment that is owned by Photosound and that is warehoused locally here in central Florida. If an event requires a certain piece of equipment that we need to cross-rent from one of our local partner suppliers, that equipment will be specially quoted.
  • Weekly Rate = 3.5 x Daily Rate

Delivery Pricing

  • Listed delivery charges include the delivery and the pickup. If Photosound delivers the equipment and the customer returns the equipment (or vice versa) the delivery charge will be halved.
  • Delivery and Pickup pricing does not include equipment strike or setup which is charged separately. However, we’re pretty reasonable and if we’re delivering something that only takes a few minutes to set up, we normally wouldn’t charge extra for setup.
  • Please note that any delivery or pickup that needs to occur outside of our normal business hours requires a minimum of 2 hours of tech time. If the work order does not contain a minimum of two hours of tech time that is adjacent to the delivery or pickup time, 2 hours of tech time will be added to the work order.

Labor Pricing

  • Technician rates are listed as per man hour.

Sales Tax

  • Sales tax is applied to all rental fees and services. Sales tax ranges from 6% – 7% depending on which county the equipment is delivered or picked up in. 6.5% sales tax is applied to all rental equipment picked up at our warehouse.
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