Catch Box Rental

Make meetings fun again with a Catch Box, the throwable microphone! If you’ve never seen or used a Catch Box, imagine a soft plush toy with a wireless mic inside. If a member of the audience has a question, simply toss it to the attendee in the crowd like a beach ball. Not only does the Catch Box encourage fun and audience engagement, it does away with the need for a mic runner or Q&A mics in the aisles. The Catch Box works best in auditorium seating arrangements and in our experience, is usually not ideal for table seating arrangements (especially when there are carafes of water or red wine on the tables). The Catch Box can be used with any of Photosound’s QLX-D wireless mic systems.

Available Colors: Blue & Green. Custom colors with company logos can be ordered, please contact us for details.

Rental Price: $45/Day  $135/Week. $35/Day $105/Week if Rented with Wireless Mic System