Lavalier Microphone Placement & Proper Attire

Lavalier microphones are great for delivering effective speeches and presentations, however, even the highest quality lav mics are very sensitive and need to be used as carefully as possible for a flawless performance. Lav mics need to be attached to a stationary piece of clothing, located as closely as possible to the presenter’s sternum. Dependable places include a shirt placket, a necktie or a jacket lapel. Clothing accessories such as scarfs, large necklaces, lanyards or anything else that may touch the windscreen of the mic during the presentation, should be removed. On the day of your event, our audio technicians will be able to assist you and getting your lav mic placed, however, please keep in mind that the more compatible your attire is, the better you will sound on stage.

The other part of a lavalier mic that needs to be taken into consideration is the wireless belt pack transmitter. Ideally, this is clipped onto the presenter’s belt on their back side and the wire running from the lav mic is passed though the presenter’s shirt so it cannot be seen. Belt packs may also be placed in an inside jacket pocket or a pants pocket. If placed in a pocket, please make sure the pocket is empty of anything else (keys, change, etc.) that may compromise transmission of the signal to the soundboard.

When selecting your wardrobe on the day of your presentation, please keep the following in mind:


  • Rigid fabrics (i.e. an ironed cotton shirt).
  • A shirt with a placket (row of buttons).
  • A blazer or jacket with lapels that reach as close to the center of the chest as possible.
  • A blouse/shirt with pants or skirt.


  • Lightweight fabrics w/o a jacket or blazer (i.e. a silk blouse).
  • T-shirts or turtlenecks.
  • A full dress or gown.
  • Large necklaces or necklaces with hanging items such as charm necklaces.
  • Scarves