Can I set up the outdoor movie myself or does a Photosound technician need to do it?

While it will probably take 15 minutes or so to set up, the outdoor movie package can easily be set up by the customer. Some customers prefer a technician to deliver and set up the equipment and we’re happy to do so for an additional charge.

Do I need a truck or van to pick up the outdoor screen?

No. The screen folds down and is stored in a case that is smaller than a golf bag. The screen, projector, speakers and accessories will fit in the trunk and/or back seat of most sedans and coupes.

Will the outdoor movie package work in daylight?

No, it will not. The outdoor movie package is good after sunset and best at dark. Sunlight, especially direct sunlight will wash away the image on the screen. If you are looking for something outdoors during the daytime, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss some alternative solutions with you.

I thought outdoor screens were inflatable, do you have any inflatable screens?

No, we no longer carry inflatable screens. While the inflatable screens do look neat, the fact of the matter is they constantly get punctured, they’re heavy, and you need to constantly run a noisy electric pump in order to keep them inflated. The folding Yardmaster II screens are much more practical and do not come with the drawbacks that most inflatable screens do.

What do I need for cables? How do I run the signal from the cable box in my living room to the screen in the backyard?

We will supply you with sufficient cabling to run the sound from the projector to the speakers, a standard HDMI cable and we also supply you with a few extension cords as well. If you need to run the signal from your cable box to the projector in the backyard, there are a few ways to go about that. While most HDMI cables are good up to about 50′, we have additional solutions to extend a strong signal even further. When booking your rental, please tell us exactly what your setup will be so we can make sure you leave our warehouse with everything you need.