Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does Photosound rent equipment to the general public?

Yes! Photosound will set up and operate equipment for businesses, organizations, non-profits and private individuals. Additionally, rental equipment is available for rent and customer pickup at our Winter Park location, however some equipment is restricted to production companies and/or may require a certificate of insurance to rent.

Does Photosound purchase used equipment?

No, we do not.

Does Photosound sell used equipment?

Yes, we occasionally liquidate used equipment that is no longer appropriate for our rental inventory, but still functions just fine. All of our used equipment sales are done exclusively through our eBay store.

Does Photosound sell new equipment?

Yes, we do! Photosound is an authorized dealer for a number of product lines. We generally do not keep any sales inventory physically in stock, however many lines we carry have distribution centers here in Florida so lead times are usually quick.

Does Photosound perform installations?

We do not. Permanent installations and integrations are a whole different ball of wax than setting up and striking equipment for events. Additionally, state statutes dictate that most installation jobs in Florida shall be performed by a company with an electrician or contractor license. If you’re looking for an installer or integrator, give us a call at 407-898-8841 and we can probably point you in the right direction.

Does Photosound transfer film and VHS to DVD?

We used to, however we discontinued that service several years ago. Here are some local businesses that do and they also perform all transfers at their location, they do not ship anything out:

Network Sound & Video (Longwood) 407-834-8555

Wright DVD Solutions (Wedgefield/East Orange County) 407-568-2618